At G & P COHN we sell a variety of antique Chandeliers. These range from Georgian glass mid-19th Century pieces, through to later Edwardian Flemish brass Chandeliers. We have a variety of different styles including Perry, Murano, Blade and many more. [a href="html/chandeliers.html"]
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Our wide range of Candelabra and Candlesticks vary in size, detail, age and finish, from all-glass 3-arm Candelabra masterpieces, exquisite detailed glass lustres to the more understated bronze Candlesticks. [a href="html/candelabra.html"]
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We have a huge collection of Wall Lights at G & P COHN, from small 2-arm all-brass fittings to much larger tiered glass fittings, from big to small and in many different finishes and sizes. [a href="html/wall_lights.html"]
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At G & P COHN we hold a unique selection of Lanterns, from very early 19th Century flat glass Lanterns to ornate French Versailles Lanterns. They come in many shapes and sizes, from very large hall Lanterns to smaller shaped glass pieces. [a href="html/lanterns.html"]
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We have an extremely wide and varied selection of Accessories at G & P COHN, these range from glass arms, crooks, alberts, triangulars, plaques, nozzles, receivers, bubbles, pans, stems, buttons, drops and beads to ceiling plates, chains, vases, lamps and even rock crystal balls. [a href="html/accessories.html"]
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One of the many services that we provide at G & P COHN is that of Repair and Restoration. If your Chandelier is in need of attention and you want it restored to its original state then please contact us.
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Another service we provide is Cleaning. At G & P COHN we have cleaned many Chandeliers from stately homes to private residences, we cover a wide area of the UK and would love to help your Chandelier sparkle again.
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We also provide an electrification service, whether you are lucky enough to own a Chandelier, Candlestick or Candelabra that is pre-1880s and needs to add an electric light source or if your old wiring needs replacing, we will electrify to the current standards. [a href="html/electrification.html"]
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