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At G & P Cohn we specialise in electrifying antique Chandeliers, Candelbras, Wall Lights and Lanterns. These can vary from from ornate gas lamps to spectacular oil lamps.

Glass Candle Chandeliers

There are many beautiful pre-mid 1880 Chandeliers that are still not electrified, which means that these Chandeliers are not used as a central light source and thus become defunct. We have been electrifying these types of Chandeliers for over 60 years and we consider ourselves experts in the field. There are many different ways of electrifying glass Chandeliers, from boring through the glass and threading the wire, to using special translucent wire attached to the glass arms. Rest assured that we will give the best advice for your needs.

Oil and Gas Chandeliers

Oil and Gas Chandeliers started to be created in the early 1800s, this led to the much greater variety of Chandeliers that we see today. From the very ornate brass gas lamps to the Gothic-style oil colsa Chandeliers. We have electrified hundreds of these types of Chandeliers over a 60-year period so we have a huge amount of experience in performing this complex process.


A huge amount of old Chandeliers were rewired in the early part of the century. With the advent of technology there have been huge advancements in safety, wire strength and wiring capability. We would be more than happy to re-electrify your Chandelier to the current standards.

Our advice

Whether you want to electrify a glass, brass or any other type of Chandelier do seek the advice of an experienced restorer. We won't attempt any restoration that could damage the Chandelier, so therefore rest assured that we will always bear this in mind when offering our advice and/or recommendations and suggestions.

Please give us a call on 0207 278 3749 or email us to discuss your electrification needs.

Electrification Testimonals

Antique Wall Lights
Wonderful to find such a friendly, helpful and professional company to restore and give new life to some precious antique wall lights

Rose O'Brien


Empire Chandelier
These people really know--and love--chandeliers. Meticulous, sympathetic work at very reasonable prices.

Rhoda Koenig


Pair of wall lights
I had two antique wall lights wired. The job was done within a couple of days to my full satisfaction. Very friendly, impeccable service!

Martin Geiger (London)