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Our background

The G & P Cohn antique Chandelier business was established in 1954 when George Cohn set up a small family-run business in Crawford Street, London. He made his name in the antique Chandelier market by restoring and cleaning damaged Chandeliers. His eye for detail and consumate skills as a metal worker and electrician allowed him to perform all facets of the business. As a result, a specialised and creative enterprise could flourish.

George's love affair with these beautiful light fixtures was also shared by his wife Gerda who nurtured her self-taught talent for old-style pinning. This would be instrumental in not only making the business viable but a prosperous one.

George and Gerda's son Peter also inherited his parents' great passion for these timeless items and took up the mantle at the age of 16, learning the business from the ground up. His wife Ivana was also seduced by the world of antiques and learnt the art of pinning from Gerda. Her meticulousness and attention to detail have made her well-known in the field for her exquisite workmanship. Peter and Ivana still manage the business today along with their son-in-law Ben and continue on the great name of G & P Cohn.

G & P Cohn has over 60 years of experience in the antique Chandelier field and we are here to assist you in any of your Chandelier, Candelabrum, Wall Light or Lantern needs. Whether you need your broken Chandelier restored or you are keen to make a purchase or you simply need advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Have a browse through our website and view the services we provide as well as the Chandeliers, Wall Lights, Lanterns and Candelabra that we sell. We would love to hear your feedback. Please give us a call on 0207 278 3749 or email us to discuss your antique lighting needs.

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