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3 Arm Decorative Gilt, CA. 1900


This is an example of an extremely detailed gilt chandelier that has been recently restored to its former glory.

The canopy of this chandelier has a flowery tulip shape with a very detailed patterned design on the underside of the tulip. Underneath the canopy a single light is concealed again with a flowery design.

From the canopy there are three rope stays with a ribbon and bow design which connect to the main part of the chandelier.

The 3 arms of the chandelier are exquisitely detailed, each having a swirly leaf design and each connected to the other with a leaf drape. In between each arm there another stay protruding out and down with a flower head and bud design, the end of which has a lovely finial to finish.

The centre of the chandelier has a cylindrical Urn-type design with beautifully finished top.

The bottom of the chandelier ends with a budding flower finial.

A very rare find due to the amount of detailed brass work that makes up a wonderful example of an all brass chandelier.


Cast polish brass


Height: 86cm/34"

Width: 45cm/18"

Weight: 13kg/29lbs


£1320, including VAT.


Cleaned, fully electrified



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