A Set of 3 Cut-Glass Wall Lights, ca 1920


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A fine set of 3 twin-branch cut-glass wall lights that have an oval-shaped silver back plate and date from between the wars.

They have hollow glass rope arms leading to thumbprint decorated glass pans, which are dressed with octagonal buttons and pear drops. A glass spike and a star adorn each of the back plates, and a drape of more octagonal buttons and pear drops hang from arm to arm.

They have been rewired, fully tested, the glasswork repinned and they are ready for hanging.

Material: cut glass and silver-plated brass.

Height (to top of spike): 35cm/14".
Width (from arm to arm): 30cm/11.5".
Back plate length: 13cm/5".
Back plate width: 9cm/3.5".

Status : rewired, fully tested, repinned and ready to install.

Recommendations : None

Enquire Price : £420 inc VAT

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