8 Arm Rule Drop Chandelier, CA. 1830


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An extremely lovely example of an early 19th Century rule drop Chandelier. From the canopy hangs 2 rule drop circles, the smaller one just starting inside the larger. Down the stem are multiple rule drop drapes with each of the rule drop connection pieces connected by early square buttons. Each of the solid glass arms ends in a beautiful cut-glass nozzle atop a wonderfully cut-glass pan. Again the rule drop theme continues with the 10 4-inch rule drops connected with a square button. The bottom half of the Chandelier is comprised of 4 concentric rule drop circles, each smaller than the previous one. The lovely large cut glass bubble finishes off this wonderful chandelier.

Height : 120cm
Diameter : 60cm

Price : £12,000 inc VAT

Status : Cleaned, fully electrified

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