Large 6-Arm Venetian Chandelier, ca 1950.


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An attractive 6-arm Venetian chandelier that dates from the mid-20th century and is made from hand-blown Murano glass.

The central column, comprising bulbous glass stem pieces, rests atop an ornate bowl-shaped receiver. And from here, rise beautifully rendered glass daffodils and leaves. With additional glass leaves pointing downwards and interspersing the 6 ridged glass arms.

This chandelier has been fully restored and rewired in our workshop, is fully tested and ready for hanging. It would be most ideally suited to high-ceilinged rooms, as it is over a metre in height.

Material: hand-blown Murano glass.

Height: 110cm/43".
Width: 80cm/31.5".

Price: £2400, including VAT.

Status : rewired and tested.

Recommendations: None

Enquire Price : £2400

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