6 Arm Czech Chandelier, CA. 1950


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A fine example of a Czech mid 20th century Chandelier. This Chandelier has a lovely tulip sitting atop the canopy which has typical Czech thumbprint designs, that design continues throughout the rest of the Chandelier. Octagonal button strings drape from the canopy down past the multiple stem pieces to the underside of each 6 pans. Again with the thumbprint design the pans sit atop the beautifully S shaped arms. The receiver sits in the centre of the chandelier with two tiers, each tier has coffin drops for adornment. Sitting gracefully beneath the receiver is a lovely large plain glass bubble.

Height : 100cm
Diameter : 70cm

Price : £1200 inc VAT

Status : Cleaned, fully electrified

Recommendations : None

Enquire Price : £1200

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