A large 6-arm Venetian chandelier, ca 1830


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This is an attractive 6-arm period Venetian chandelier that dates from the early 19th century.

It is beautifully decorated with a variety of Murano hand-blown fruit, flowers and foliage in green, blue, turquoise and clear glass. These multi-coloured ornaments are of a particularly delicate and crisp quality.

The central column, formed of bulbous glass stem pieces, rests upon a large glass receiver and, from this, hangs a green acorn-shaped bubble. The six clear glass pans are edged in a lovely contrasting deep shade of blue. From each arm, interspersed with leaves and upright flowers, hang faceted rings, bells and flowers.

The chandelier is made for candles, but it can be electrified by us, if you so prefer and wish. Please ask us for a quote.

Material: Hand-blown Murano glass.

Height : 41"/102cm
Diameter : 36"/92cm

Price : £2,400 inc VAT

Status : Cleaned, and ready for hanging

Recommendations : Can be electrified at additional cost


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