6-arm Dutch brass chandelier, ca 1900


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This is a medium-sized Dutch-style brass chandelier, dating from the turn of the last century. It has been newly polished and lacquered to its former glory.

It has 6 solid brass arms which have been converted for electricity and are fully tested.

The arms are S shaped and issuing from decorative swan faces. Its baluster-shaped body ends in a ball, a typical feature of Dutch chandeliers which help to keep the fitting level and stop it from swinging.

This chandelier is in perfect condition and ready for hanging.

Material: polished and lacquered brass.

Height: 21"/54cm.
Width: 24"/61cm.

Weight : 8kg/18lbs

Price: £720, including VAT

Status : fully restored, polished and lacquered and electrified.

Recommendations : None

Enquire Price : £720

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