4 and 5 Arm Victorian Chandeliers, ca 1900.


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These are very pretty 4 and 5 arm cut glass chandeliers that have been dressed with Victorian cut glass, they date from the early 20th century.

As both chandeliers are the same except for the number of arms we will only describe the 5 arm chandelier : From the top glass canopy hang strings of buttons alternating with pear drops. Pear drops hang from the glass pans, and drapes of buttons hang from arm to arm. There are pretty rosettes that adorn the central glass stem.

We have fully restored all the glasswork in our workshop and the chandelier has been rewired and tested so that it is now ready for hanging.

Ideally we would like to sell them as a pair but we can sell them individually.

Material: Cut-glass.

Height: 48cm/19".
Width: 51cm/20".
Weight: 5kg/10lbs.

Price: £480 (for each chandelier), £960 for the pair including VAT.

Status : rewired and tested.

Recommendations: None

Enquire Price : £480 single, £960 for the pair

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