3-arm French Brass Chandelier, ca 1910.


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This is a very pretty and medium-sized classic French chandelier made in the early part of the 20th century.

It features 2 tiers of rosette-mounted plaque drops, separated by fluted glass stem breaks.

There are 3 peripheral lamps sitting on metal petal-shaped pans, each one crowned and dressed with a central plaque drop with 2 complementary rosette buttons hanging above small plaque drops on either side. Drapes of buttons, beads and coffin drops hang from arm to arm, and a pear drop hangs from the very bottom.

This chandelier is in perfect condition and it has been professionally rewired and fully tested in our workshop.

Material: brass and glass.

Height: 50cm/20".
Width: 35cm/14".

Price: £420, including VAT.

Status : cleaned, rewired and ready for hanging.

Recommendations: this would suit a high-ceilinged room of a minimum of 12 foot/3.5 metres, or less if hanging above a dining table..

Enquire Price : £420

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