12 Arm Rule Drop Chandelier, CA. 1820


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This is a wonderful example of a mid 19th Century glass rule drop Chandelier, starting from the canopy it has 3 beautiful cascading rare rule drop tiers down to the circular frame. It has 12 arms comprising of 8 smaller arms and 4 larger arms, each of which starts with a 4 inch cut spike. Each of the solid plain glass arms has a wonderful cut-glass pan and nozzle at the end, the pan is adorned with wonderful pear drops. This Chandelier again has cascading rule drops in 4 concentric circles and finishes with the huge cut-glass bubble.

Height : 125cm
Diameter : 80cm

Price : £18000 inc VAT

Status : Cleaned, Electrified inside the frame

Recommendations : Each arm can be electrified


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